Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising and Branding

We offer various bus advertising and on-vehicle branding options to businesses. Advertising your product / service and your venue or organisation on a bus will provide you with valuable promotional exposure. “In Action” advertising media is proven to be highly receptive by your audience and can be an affordable, effective avenue to spread your message.

Bus Advertising Formats

1) Outside

Advertise on the outside of buses to garner the most impressions possible. Exterior bus advertising is popular for all industries, including private companies and government and non-profit agencies.

a) Full Wrap

A Full Wrap is an advertising opportunity that envelopes the bus and effectively turns it into a giant moving exhibit of your business’ products or services.

The Full Wrap commands attention, delivering captivating and memorable ways of attracting your audience. This option has a large scope for creative design and larger than billboard text opportunities.

b) Side

Combining high visibility, maximum exposure from the moving vehicle, the Side options are a great way to make an impact to pedestrians and other road users. This flexible advertising opportunity will be sure to make your message leap out of the traffic and scream.

c) Back

Full Backs cover the entire back of the bus and work around all the eye catching components that drivers are compelled to monitor like break lights and indicators. High impact on both motorists and pedestrians alike.

Full Backs get in the face of stationary traffic, marinading your commuters in your branding for minutes at a time. Big, bold and unavoidable and every time the bus stops our full backs impress your message to the hundreds of drivers that pass.

2) Inside

Market directly to a wide range of passengers that largely consists of business professionals and students. Passengers are exposed to the interior signage cards for long periods, enabling you to sufficiently get your message across to them.


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