Supplier Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network

1.1 Supplier/Affiliate is an Australia-wide coach, bus and mini bus charter online booking company which aims to provide our clients with significant discounts through providing large volumes of work to our approved network of suppliers/affiliate bus charter companies.

We market and promote their services through advertising campaigns designed to increase their bookings and turnover. We are selective in our approach as to who we use as our suppliers/affiliates to ensure our customers receive outstanding service. Our supplier network are rewarded based on their level of service.

Whether you have only one bus or coach, or a large fleet of vehicles, some of the benefits of working with us include;

a) There is no cost to be a part of our network.

b) You will make more money and be able to fill in gaps with your current work.

c) Strong industry network and market presence allowing you to leverage your marketing activites

d) We are flexible with payment terms

e) We reduce your administration, as we know and understand the details required to complete the booking process successfully

If you accept a booking from Inspire Transport you agree to all terms and conditions set out on our website and all third party contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company) terms and conditions below.

1.2 Third party contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company)

a) Pricing 

The third party contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company) agrees at the time of booking that the price accepted to conduct the service includes all costs including but not limited to GST, bus hire, driver, fuel, tolls, accommodation, meals and insurances.

b) Fully Accredited Bus Charter Company

The third party contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company) agrees that they are an approved and fully accredited Bus and Coach Operator for the area or state in Australia in which they have accepted the services to conduct transport and that it is a valid accreditation at the time of all travels and at the time of booking.

c) Fully Insured Bus Charter Company 

The third party contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company) agrees that they have an active public liability policy in place at all times of travel and at the time of booking including motor vehicle insurance, third party insurance and any other insurances required to complete the charter service on behalf of Inspire Transport.

d) Indemnity

The Contractor (supplier/affiliate bus charter company) indemnifies the Principal Inspire Transport against all loss, damages, claims, liability, expenses, payments or outgoings incurred by or awarded against the Principal arising directly or indirectly from the service provided.

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