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Surry Hills Bus Hire  with Inspire Transport is the most affordable way to explore Sydney. If you or your group are looking to explore Sydney for the most affordable price while having the best possible time, Inspire Transport is the service for you. Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city, being surrounded by beautiful coastal beaches and plenty of amazing suburbs such as Surry Hills, you and your group are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Take this one-of-a-kind opportunity presented by Inspire Transport and explore the beautiful suburbs of Sydney, Australia!

About Surry Hills Suburb

Inspire Transport Surry Hills Bus Hire Sydney

Surry Hills is a very vibrant, unique inner city located on the south-east edge of Sydney. This inner city neighbourhood has plenty to offer with their main street, Crown Street, running through the middle of the city and is filled with restaurants, pubs, cafes, galleries, businesses, boutiques, shops, and more! With a plethora of options, Surry Hills is guaranteed to show you and your group a great time. Request a quote for FREE to organise your Surry Hills Bus Hire adventure with Inspire for the most affordable way to transfer your group!


Fashion & Shopping in Surry Hills

With plenty of different vintage clothing stores, such as Grandma Takes A Trip, and vintage furniture stores like Vampt Village, Surry Hills is a perfect match for ones into fashion and shopping. Grandma Takes A Trip is one of Sydney’s premier vintage and retro boutiques which offers some of the best vintage and retro clothing you can find. Grandma’s is like no other store around here because they exclusively source all of their clothes from the UK and Europe. To find some of the coolest outfits from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, stroll into Grandma’s using our bus hire with driver services!

Inspire Transport Surry Hills Bus Hire Sydney


After checking out the one of many different unique clothing stores, head to Vampt Vintage Design to admire some of the best unique pieces of vintage and mid-century modern design originated in different parts of Australia, Scandinavia, and Europe. Vampt Vintage prides themselves in their eco-friendly recyclable pieces while still holding a classic design. Experience this very unique gallery which offers classic style furnitures, lighting, and other collectables along with ‘Grandma Takes A Trip’ using our extremely affordable bus hire Sydney service.


Inspire Transport Surry Hills Bus Hire Sydney


Restaurants, Eateries, and Pubs in Surry Hills

All centred around Crown Street there are numerous amounts of restaurants, eateries, and pubs for your group to either grab a meal or drink. Enjoy a delicious meal from award-winning, french-inspired Marque Restaurant. Although Surry Hills is known for its upcoming eateries and shops, Marque is a modern icon and renowned restaurant that is known as one of Sydney’s best restaurants. If this modern french-inspired Marque isn’t up your alley, then try out a very appetizing burger from Chur Burgers. There are six $10 burger options which consist of either: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish or veggie. If you are a burger enthusiast, you cannot go wrong with Chur Burgers.

Inspire Transport Surry Hills Bus Hire Sydney brewery

If you are just looking for a drink instead of a meal, right in the heart of Surry Hills is the Sydney Brewery. The Sydney Brewery is known to create some of the best craft beers available in Australia. Brewed in small batches, their craft beer is designed to represent the local style, personality, and people of the suburbs that make Sydney such an amazing city. The Sydney Brewery is a perfect spot for you and your friends, colleagues, or family to relax and enjoy some of the best craft beer Australia has to offer!

Organise a group of friends or a Birthday package with Inspire TransportsSurry Hills Bus Hire services and enjoy those juicy gourmet burgers washed down with some refreshing drinks!


Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Enjoy an experience you will not forget with Australia’s first space cat cafe, named Catmosphere located in Surry Hills. Catmosphere Cat Cafe consists of a regular cafe as well as two separate cat rooms. Although you can walk in and enjoy the cafe whenever you like, the cat rooms requires a reservation. Let Inspire take care of your bus hire or mini bus hire with driver requirements so you can experience this unique and one-of-a-kind experience with your group by grabbing a coffee and playing with some kittens.

Inspire Transport Surry Hills Bus Hire Sydney catmosphere


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